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AIC Debt Collectors



For full details of this debt collecting company and how to make use of this opportunity to better your situation, go to the home page of this website by clicking here, where all of this information is located. Thank you.











For full details of this debt collecting company and how to make use of this opportunity to better your situation, go to the home page of this website by clicking here, where all of this information is located. Thank you.











AIC Debt Collectors is a debt purchasing company or debt collecting company and is listed in the website of

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Name: AIC Debt Collectors
Also Known As: Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd, Allied Credit
Address: Anderston House, 389 Argyle Street, Glasgow G2 8LR
Telephone: 0141 2263111
Fax: 0141 8470203
Email: [user]
Extra Data: Specialists in "send the boys round" type bright coloured postcards (against OFT rules). Also they do not seem to care how much distress they cause people (see below).

AIC Debt Collectors and the Truth About Your Debt

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AIC Debt Collectors is a debt collecting agent which has purchased the debtor account from the original lender, often a bank (or in some cases an intermediary or third party) for much less than the worth of the original account and is attempting to get the full sum of the original debt from you.

AIC Debt Collectors will use all sorts of nasty methods to get money out of you in order to make money from you. You may already have experienced bad dealings with them. They may phone you up at strange times when they know it is inconvenient for you and do this many times every day. They may be sending you official-appearing sternly worded letters or cards threatening to 'send the boys round' and collect the money in full or that they will take you to court if you cannot pay. Their other tactics will include attempting to make a charging order on your home or make you homeless.

So ask AIC Debt Collectors for a copy of the original contract when you took out your loan or credit card.






More Data On AIC Debt Collectors


My thanks to the excellent Consumer Action Group forums for these extracts:

I have tried to contact AIC Debt Collectors as requested. However as I now live overseas it is very difficult to correspond with them. I have made 4 phone calls today and every time the person I need to speak to is not there and I have been told that I must speak to him.... Also ... has been told that all correspondence must be by telephone, and email is not an option. Are they trying to avoid a paper trail? And how are you supposed to correspond by phone when the bloke is never there?

I am very stressed and frustrated about the whole saga.

(NOTE: NEVER contact any DCA by phone - always insist on everything in writing.

I had almost exactly the same phone call from AIC Debt Collectors in October because I was 90 days late on my payments to Amex, although I actually thought I had a few days to go. The guy I spoke to was a total [...]. He said I had owed Amex £8000+ but had to pay AIC Debt Collectors £9000+ immediately plus or they would start court proceedings, get my home repossessed, and so on. I was hysterical. I offered £840 (which would have meant I paid them instead of the mortgage) and they refused. By that evening I was absolutely suicidal and called them but got their answering machine and left messages begging them not to start proceedings. They didn't call back in response and when I called the following day they denied getting my calls. I was so distressed I called FSA who referred me to CCCS and as soon as I got a reference number to quote to AIC they backed off. This was in early October and they haven't done anything about starting the legal proceedings, although I got a call last month saying they would accept the £840. I said they couldn't have it as I had paid someone else.

Like you I have a limited company and could lose anything. I know how terrified you must be feeling after your calls from AIC.

Our comments: The above shows the effect AIC Debt Collectors have on a lot of people. The best thing to do is to conduct everything by letter - never by phone. They will say things on the phone that they would not dare to put in print simply because they would not be able to get away with it because it is against the law.

If you have any information that you would like honest people to know about AIC Debt Collectors then send us an email in complete confidence and we will try to corroborate it with the clowns involved.


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